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What is the Gut-Skin Axis?

Explore the functions of the gut-skin axis and enjoy a delicious Belly Love Smoothie recipe that will nourish the skin and nurture the gut.

How to Use a Gua Sha Stone to Soothe Puffiness & Fine Lines

Learn how to use a gua sha stone and the numerous nourishing benefits of the ancient gua sha beauty ritual.

Warming Massage Oil: To Give & Receive

This all-natural warming massage oil from Stony Creek Aromatics is the perfect gift that will check all your Earth lover’s boxes.

Benefits of Marine Algae for Collagen Production

Marine algae is a peptide-rich, highly effective topical ingredient for improving collagen production and skin health.

Probiotics for Skin: Meet our New Kombucha Microbiome Collection

Like the gut, our skin is home to an ecosystem of microorganisms: the skin microbiome.

Benefits of a Body Scrub + Herbal Soak

Learn about the benefits of a body scrub and soak, plus the process we recommend to leave your skin soft and glowing

Skin Care for Teens

Simple, supportive skin care for teens is right around the corner. Learn which nourishing and hydrating plant-based products I recommend!

How Stress Affects Your Skin Barrier + 4 Ways to Protect It

Learn how stress affects your skin and how to increase your skin’s natural resilience to stress with plant-based product recommendations.

Food That’s Good for Your Skin: Fruits & Veggies Edition

This post highlights food that’s good for your skin, not just to eat but to put right on it! With explanations and product recommendations.

Get Glowing: 5 Questions to Ask Your Esthetician

Consider asking your esthetician these questions to get the best results during a facial or skincare consultation!

Get the Best Benefits of Exfoliation for Your Skin Type

Discover the best exfoliation routine and natural products for your skin type: dry, sensitive, mature, oily, acne-prone, and more.

Dermatitis, Eczema, and What You Need to Know About the Skin Microbiome

Learn how the skin’s microbiome relates to dermatitis and eczema, plus receive best-care tips.

The Science of a Relaxing Facial

Learn the science behind a relaxing facial, including pressure points, aromatics, my go-to products, and more.

Five Benefits of Rosehip Oil for Skin

Learn why rosehip oil is incredible for the skin, including its ability to slow signs of aging, reduce inflammation, and more!

Steps in a Facial: Tips from a Botanical Skin Care Specialist

Learn the 11 steps that Jessica follows during facials, plus product recommendations for at-home facial products!

30 or Older? Plant-Based Peptides for Skin Can Help You Age Radiantly

Explore the benefits of plant-based peptides for the skin + product recommendations to age beautifully.

5 Best Natural Skin Care Products: From Summer to Fall

These are Jessica’s five favorite natural skin care products for the transition from summer to fall — all from Eminence Organics.

Calendula for Skin Care: A Must-Have for Sensitive Skin

Calendula is a time-tested herb for skin. Learn why and uncover my three favorite calendula-based skincare products.

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid for Skin: 3 Plant-Based Solutions

What is hyaluronic acid, and why do people use it? Given the complex and, well, acidic sounding name, it might come as a surprise to hear…

Acne Prone? My Top 3 Product Picks with Tea Tree Benefits for Skin

If you’re interested in natural products for acne-prone skin, then learning about tea tree is a great first step.

Your Best Skin: 6 Benefits of a Virtual Skin Care Consultation

With a virtual skin care consultation, you can conveniently meet with a licensed esthetician to build a personalized skin care routine.

What Is A Natural Sunscreen?

Warm weather is right around the corner! Here are the natural sun-protective products I recommend most.

Our Favorite Natural Products for Hyperpigmented Skin

Hyperpigmentation can be caused by a number of factors, including sun exposure, hormones, diet …

A Natural Retinol Alternative for Beautifully Aging Skin

Eminence Organics’ Natural Retinol Alternative offers a wide array of benefits without the uncomfortable…

Essential Oils for Stress & Our Restorative Mind-Body Blends

Stress is something we all deal with, and 2020 has had more than its fair share of stressful moments. 

Treat Yourself to a Luxurious Winter Facial at Home

As the colder weather starts to blow in across the country, we’re collectively beginning to experience 

How to Treat Maskne + 3 Tips for Preventing It

If you’ve experienced an increased number of outbreaks since COVID started, you’re not alone.

How to Harness Vitamin C Benefits for the Skin

Vitamin C has a long-standing reputation as one of the strongest antioxidants in skincare.  

Aromatherapy to Enhance a Facial Treatment

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic compounds to create a desirable therapeutic action. The most commonly known Aromatherapy practices involve essential oils, the volatile oils found in the secretory structure of aromatic plants. Essential oils are often diffused, applied topically at various concentrations, or added to wash off bath and body products. An esthetician has … Continue reading “Aromatherapy to Enhance a Facial Treatment”

Psychological Stress + Skin Barrier Function

Skin is our first line of defense against irritants, pathogens and environmental stressors. The epidermis contains sebum (a mixture of lipids, wax esters, fats, and fatty acids) (1), layered with keratinocytes and corneocytes (skin cells in the epidermis) that help seal in moisture while keeping viruses, bacteria, and allergens out. The barrier function is easily … Continue reading “Psychological Stress + Skin Barrier Function”

“At Home” Facial

Many of our clients have expressed how much they miss our facials at the Apothecary. Facials provide a much needed break from the world as well as increased radiance and skin tone! Our services also foster a trusted relationship that you may have come to value. While I cannot offer much more than a virtual … Continue reading "“At Home” Facial"

Best Botanical Masques for an Organic Facial

  If you are like me, your skin is missing its monthly organic facial. The added stress from the pandemic, paired with a lack of routine, can lead to increased acne, dryness, and an overall lackluster skin surface. As you try to establish a new normal for yourself, consider adding a face masque twice a … Continue reading “Best Botanical Masques for an Organic Facial”

Aromatherapy & the Stress Response Cycle

Many of us are experiencing a tremendous amount of psychological stress due to the current worldwide pandemic. I spent the last year and a half researching and writing about Aromatherapy for stress. Since I cannot share this information one-on-one or in the Symposium that we had scheduled for spring, I decided there is no better … Continue reading "Aromatherapy & the Stress Response Cycle"

Stone Crop

Eminence Organics has a NEW Summer launch. Can we ever have too many Stone Crop products? The 4 H's remind us that Stone Crop can be beneficial to us all summer: -Hydrating Stone Crop adds hydration when the summer sun takes moisture from our skin -Healing Stone Crop has regenerative properties that heal damaged skin … Continue reading "Stone Crop"

Aromatherapy Certification

I have exciting news to share… After 20+ years of self study and 3.5 years in my Aromatherapy Certification Program, I am now a Certified Aromatherapist! My program consisted of 7 lessons and countless webinars, 20 Case Studies, a research paper, blending exercises, and an anatomy and physiology class. My research paper is now available … Continue reading “Aromatherapy Certification”

Layering is a Balancing Act

Want to know some of my Skin Care 101 RULES plus my new, spring nighttime regimen? Read on! Skin requires great attention in order to stay healthy. Some of its needs include nutrients from our blood, supportive fibers like collagen and elastin, and a balance of water and oil. Skin care products can target various … Continue reading "Layering is a Balancing Act"

Healing While Peeling

Cleopatra knew best. She bathed in lactic acid (likely from fermented milk) and herbs to soften her skin. Many concoctions have been made since, seeking the perfect recipe for baby smooth skin. Too much exfoliation and the skin ends up thin and raw, too little exfoliation and the skin slows and dulls. Peeling as it … Continue reading "Healing While Peeling"

Algae in Skin Care

I will admit, you can easily catch me harking back to the 90's when my adventurous soul craved all the information I could get on health and wellness. Cooking from the Enchanted Broccoli Forest, growing wheat grass, living in a tipi, making clay masks and kombucha... it was all fair game. So when over 20 … Continue reading "Algae in Skin Care"

4 Helpful Tips to Transition to Summer Skin Care

May is the time we want to see our clients transitioning to SUMMER PRODUCTS! We have 4 helpful hints for your spring/summer home care regimen: 1. Add a sunscreen Hopefully everyone is getting outside more often now so if you are not already using a sunscreen, now is the time to make that change. Our … Continue reading "4 Helpful Tips to Transition to Summer Skin Care"

Drone Technology

Glymed Plus is offering us a brand new technology in skin care: DRONE TECHNOLOGY!  If it sounds like something from Star Wars, it is.  The dual encapsulated super peptide knows exactly where to go once it enters your skin.  It’s a targeted treatment with none of the negative side effects (skin thinning, sun sensitivity, drying … Continue reading “Drone Technology”

Spring-Summer Skin Regimen

This just in from our Esthetician, Tiffany Genter. “As we move into spring, now is a great time to adjust your skin care regimen for warmer and sunnier weather!!  While I will be heading into winter when I get to Australia it will still be very sunny and the temperatures will be in the 70’s.  … Continue reading “Spring-Summer Skin Regimen”

Pharmaceutical and Organic Peels

Pharmaceutical Grade Peels Don’t let the word “peel” scare you.  Fruit acids, acids from sugar cane, and pineapple enzymes are all considered peels.  A chemical peel is just a way of exfoliating skin off the surface by dissolving dead skin cells (verses a physical peel which uses beads and hulls to manually remove the skin).  … Continue reading “Pharmaceutical and Organic Peels”

Oxygen and Enzymes for Spring Skin

Spring is upon us, but here in Michigan we are still experiencing the effects of dry, winter skin.  The surface of the skin shows dehydration in the form of flakiness, lines, or a rough, chapped texture.  Even redness and acne is exacerbated by dehydration.  A common mistake people make is thinking that if they have … Continue reading “Oxygen and Enzymes for Spring Skin”

Jessica’s Vacation Essentials

After a family vacation to Alabama and Florida, I have compiled a list of what I now covet as my VACATION ESSENTIALS! 1. Eminence Organics Tropical Vanilla Body SPF 32 This product is easily my number 1 pick!  My whole family loved it.  I was prepared with my California Baby Sunscreen that I have used … Continue reading “Jessica’s Vacation Essentials”

Argan Stem Cells & Macelignan

As if there weren’t enough products in the Eminence Organics line, this spring Eminence has outdone itself with their new Age Corrective Night products.  For the first time, active ingredients are able to effect the Dermis and Subcutaneous layer of the skin to dramatically soften deep lines on the face. Three cheers for Argan Nuts … Continue reading “Argan Stem Cells & Macelignan”

AHA’s in Skin Care

Glymed’s “Physicians Elite” skin care line, originally created to prepare the skin for advanced peels and surgery, has been reformulated and is now available to us as the “Master Esthetics Elite” line.Our Estheticians have spent the last month testing the limits of their skin.  We have been pushing the peeling power of Glymed’s new AHA … Continue reading “AHA’s in Skin Care”

Winterize your skin- part 2

If you haven’t adjusted your skin care home regimen for winter you may be feeling a bit dry right about now.  Forced air heat, cold outdoor air, and lack of humidity all contribute to moisture loss on the surface of the skin. The surface of the skin has a balance of water and oil that … Continue reading “Winterize your skin- part 2”

Coconut Oil & Coconut Water for Summer Skin

This summer your skin will not forgive you if you don’t add at least 1 coconut product to your regimen.  These warm, sunny spring days are just the beginning.  Coconut is the queen of cooling, and its oil, water, and “milk” provide a plethora of benefits.  Coconuts are high in free-radical fighting antioxidants so the … Continue reading “Coconut Oil & Coconut Water for Summer Skin”

Carrier Oil vs. Essential Oil

In the past, I wrote about my summer and winter body oils in which I mention carrier and essential oils. Today, I thought it would be helpful to establish the difference between carrier oils and essential oils and the benefits of each one. Carrier Oil Carrier oils come from the oils of seeds, nuts, and … Continue reading “Carrier Oil vs. Essential Oil”

Jessica’s Scrubs, Hydrosols, & Specialty Body Oils

We have been busy!  There are 5 new products to introduce to you! First off, I have created beautiful body scrubs from (mineral rich) Pink Himalayan Salt and Organic Sunflower Oil.  Directions for use:  Use once per week in the shower on body after cleansing.  Scrub in circular motion and rinse well.  For best results, … Continue reading “Jessica’s Scrubs, Hydrosols, & Specialty Body Oils”

Jessica’s Winter Body Oils

Don’t let this beautiful spring-like day fool you.  It’s only mid-March and our skin still needs love.  During winter, it is important to use richer oils to nourish your skin.  The winter body oils that I created are blends of deeply enriching oils to protect the skin against the dry winter air.  They alleviate dry, … Continue reading “Jessica’s Winter Body Oils”

Winterize your skin

What a mild Michigan winter we are experiencing this year! Regardless of the snow or no snow, with winter comes forced heat (which dries the air in our homes), less humid outside air, and harsh, cold winds.  As we combat these conditions by applying layers of clothing to our body, we should also layer and … Continue reading “Winterize your skin”

Jessica’s Summer Body Oils

My Body Oil Line is launched!  I have been using body oil after every shower for 15 years.  I started with Sweet Almond Oil and then Jojoba.  After a while, Jojoba just didn’t feel rich enough for my dry skin (though great in a blend and for oily skin).  I started learning about different kinds … Continue reading “Jessica’s Summer Body Oils”

Calendula- Anti-inflammatory Flower

Last week I was working in the garden with my new garden friend, Kristy.  She has graciously agreed to work in trade for facials!  My garden was in need of some love as 2 children under the age of 3 do not allow me to give it much attention.  We were pulling out the Sumac … Continue reading “Calendula- Anti-inflammatory Flower”

This is a day for Roasting Marshmallows

Don’t take me literally when I talk about roasting marshmallows.  I am not talking about eating them,  and my perfume oil, “Roasting Marshmallows”, does not smell like marshmallows.  But this rainy, cool summer day calls for an oil that is warm, woody, spicy and sweet.  Essential oils can bring balance to the body.  Just by … Continue reading “This is a day for Roasting Marshmallows”

Summer Skin

Summer is here and with that comes changes in your skin! Here is an easy to follow guideline to treatments and products that can help to address some of your summer skin issues: Increased Oil Production TREATMENT- Clarifying Acne Treatment using Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid to exfoliate and manage oily skin. HOME … Continue reading “Summer Skin”