Jessica’s Summer Body Oils

My Body Oil Line is launched!  I have been using body oil after every shower for 15 years.  I started with Sweet Almond Oil and then Jojoba.  After a while, Jojoba just didn’t feel rich enough for my dry skin (though great in a blend and for oily skin).  I started learning about different kinds of plant oils and this summer I started mixing them.    Some are fragrance-free and some contain a beautiful blend of essential oils.  The essential oils are added to benefit the skin and not just for their aroma.

Body Oils should be applied to moist skin, just minutes after drying off from a bath or shower.  This will seal in the moisture and give the skin nutrients that it does not get from lotion.  Lotion can be applied during the day if the skin still needs it, but you may find that you will not have to use as much lotion when you start your day with a body oil.  The body oil will absorb and will not transfer to clothes or sheets.  Avoid applying oil to dry skin.

4 Body Oils are now available:

Nourishing Summer Body Oil

Nourishing Summer Body Oil with Cooling Essential Oils

Balancing Summer Body Oil

Balancing Summer Body Oil with Cooling Essential Oils

The carrier oils used in my blends are:

Pumpkin Seed Oil– rich in vitamins A, B, D & E and fatty acids.

Almond oil– high in Linoleic Acid and Vitamin D.

Sunflower oil– high in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and lecithin.

Avocado oil– incredibly beneficial in many ways including strong UV absorption properties, a high degree of epidermal penetration, the ability to promote cellular regeneration, and a high sterol content which is beneficial in arthritic conditions.

Marula oil- a light, nourishing oil that is included in the summer oil because of its ability to heal sunburns. It also relieves Dermatitis, Eczema & Psoriasis.

Jojoba– (really a wax and not an oil) is highly regarded because of its ability to penetrate the skin and its resemblance to our skin’s natural sebum, or oil.  It is very moisturizing and anti-inflammatory.

One more thing… my “Summer” body oils are not just for summer.  They are just lighter versions of what is to come.  Winter blends coming soon…

Date published: 23 September, 2011
Categories Body Care