About Jessica's Apothecary

Owned and operated by Jessica Flora, we offer the luxury of a day spa paired with the expertise of a botanical skin care specialist. Our customized facials, massage therapy, herbal soaks, body treatments, waxing, skin consultations, and online shop all feature plant-based products that combine ancient herbal knowledge with modern skin care science.

Everything that we use in our facials and sell in our shop is cruelty-free and free of synthetic fragrance, artificial colorants, SLS, parabens, and other unnecessary chemicals.

Meet Our Team


Rachel Carter

Licensed Esthetician
Specializing in Facials, Waxing,
Body Treatments, and Dermaplaning
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Kelli Duffy

Licensed Esthetician & Massage Therapist
Owner of Aurora Alchemy and Bodywork
Specializing in Facials, Massage, and Body Treatments
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Sophie Kolasinski

Licensed Esthetician
Specializing in Facials, Body Treatments, and Dermaplaning
Jessica Flora

Meet Our Owner


Our owner, Jessica Flora, developed adult-onset acne in her early twenties and began getting regular facials as a result. Around this time, she felt called to learn more about the plants our ancestors used to soothe skin irritation and aid the body in its natural healing processes.

Jessica began to study aromatherapy, herbalism, and nutrition, where she learned about the powerful effects plants can have on our skin. Encouraged by the results she was seeing with her own acne, Jessica became a licensed esthetician to share her knowledge with others.

Today, Jessica has 24 years of hands-on experience helping clients identify the best natural products and daily routines for their skin type. Jessica’s unique talent lies in her calming presence and intention to create a restorative experience.

Mental Health Advocacy

Jessica understands first-hand the importance of a balanced stress response and is an advocate for mental health awareness. Through her advocacy work, she learned even more about the mind-body connection between stress and greater well-being, and she realized that aromatherapy could be a powerful support tool. After nearly 20 years of self-study, Jessica became a certified aromatherapist in 2019 to infuse her home and practice with subtle scents.

Jessica combines her aromatherapy knowledge with her passion for wellness to curate a peaceful atmosphere where clients find a deep sense of calm. She shares stress-relieving elements throughout all her services, like warm scented towels and calming music, to help her clients find greater equilibrium and promote a radiant glow from the inside out.


Jessica Flora lives on a small farm outside of Ann Arbor, where she enjoys gardening, fiber arts, and spending time with her children. She tends to her herb, dye, and rain gardens while opening the vegetable garden to community members who want to get their hands dirty and spend time outdoors together. The homestead is also home to goats, chickens, ducks, a native prairie, an orchard, and a pond.

Jessica enjoys growing herbs like calendula, yarrow, and lavender to use in the baths at the spa. An amateur fiber artist, Jessica can often be found hand-spinning her mohair into yarn, weaving rugs, and attending local fiber arts festivals. She is a Master Rain Gardener with a passion for native plants.

Connect with Jessica on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook for regular doses of skincare tips, aromatherapy ideas, and the occasional cute goat picture.

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