Calendula- Anti-inflammatory Flower

Last week I was working in the garden with my new garden friend, Kristy.  She has graciously agreed to work in trade for facials!  My garden was in need of some love as 2 children under the age of 3 do not allow me to give it much attention.  We were pulling out the Sumac tree that was taking over a bed and Kristy pointed out some people are sensitive to the plant oils in Sumac.  Minutes later, without washing my hands (an Esthetician “no-no”), I applied sunscreen to Julia’s face and arms.  Shortly after, she broke out in a rash.  My first instinct was to make sure was had Children’s Benadryl in case it started to swell to the point of impeding on her eye sight.  Then I remembered the anti-inflammatory properties of the lovely Calendula, or Marigold, flower.  I use Weleda Calendula products on my children every day without much thought and now was the chance to see what Calendula could really do.  I washed her face with the Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash and then applied the Calendula oil.  The rash was gone in 10 minutes!  I am amazed at how our first instinct  will often be to seek relief first from the drugs that are overly accepted in our culture, with only little thought of the natural remedies that gave birth to modern medicine.  There is a place for both of course but it is my hope that more people make a place for the natural remedies in their lives.