This is a day for Roasting Marshmallows

Don’t take me literally when I talk about roasting marshmallows.  I am not talking about eating them,  and my perfume oil, “Roasting Marshmallows”, does not smell like marshmallows.  But this rainy, cool summer day calls for an oil that is warm, woody, spicy and sweet.  Essential oils can bring balance to the body.  Just by inhaling, our brain responds with sedating or invigorating impulses.  An oil can balance your mood, the weather, and your dosha (your ayurvedic body type).  The dominant presence of Cedar and Cardamom in Roasting Marshmallows provides emotional strength and stability, warmth and dryness to a cold, wet day, and balance to a Kapha dominent dosha.  When I wear an oil that balances the climate I actually feel more of an embrace for the day.  Just days ago I was almost bathing in “Laying in a Hammock”.  The heat was almost unbearable but when I walked outside and a breeze of lavender and bergamot mixed with the air, my body spoke “Ahhhh, this is summer!”