Benefits of Marine Algae for Collagen Production

Marine algae is a peptide-rich, highly effective topical ingredient for improving collagen production and skin health.

Collagen supplements and skincare products have been on the rise for a while, and even grocery stores have jumped on board with collagen-infused drinks and edible powders on nearly every aisle. But are internal and external collagen supplements the most effective way to support our bodies, or is there another way to protect and encourage our skin’s healthy collagen production?

Collagen in the Body

Let’s first discuss the role of collagen in the body. Collagen is a fiber-like protein that the body naturally produces. It’s one of the main building blocks for connective tissue that supports skin, hair, bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Research shows that collagen is responsible for improving skin elasticity and hydration, as well as the structural strength of muscles and bones. There are around 16 different types of collagen created and used in the body. Today, we’re going to discuss collagen in our skin. 

Anima Mundi Collagen Booster

Although our bodies produce an abundant source of this powerful protein, production declines after 30 years of age and is also impacted by factors like sun, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep, and smoking. There are many animal-based collagen supplements on the market, but unfortunately, they can come with a high risk of chemical solvent contamination. Luckily, we can protect our own body’s collagen production and reverse damage to our dermal matrix by incorporating a sustainable, earth-friendly, plant-based source from marine algae.

Consuming external sources of collagen can support the body’s own production, and increase the health of the body and skin. However, in contrast to topically applied cosmeceuticals, the effects of dietary bioactive compounds are complicated.

When we ingest collagen sources, rather than apply them topically, they have a long journey through the gastrointestinal tract, crossing the intestinal barrier, entering the circulatory system, and finally reaching the target issue, the skin.

Including powerful peptides in topical products allows for an increase in bioavailability. In addition to the recently discovered benefits of ingesting collagen, a topical application of peptides and other valuable phytochemicals can be delivered directly to the skin, providing immediate benefits. Marine algae is a peptide-rich, highly effective topical ingredient for improving collagen production and skin health.

Marine Algae 

Marine algae peptide supplements taken internally and applied topically are both great options for those that choose a plant-based diet and are looking to improve the elasticity and hydration of their skin. From a sustainability standpoint, marine algae peptides provide the same health-boosting and strengthening properties as animal collagen without as much planetary impact. 

Marine peptides are sourced from ocean and lake-dwelling algae. These organisms, like blue-green and red algae, contain an impressive amount of protein peptides (about half their dry weight!) and are rich in amino acids, nutrients, and vitamins A, B, and C. Over time, marine algae have also evolved to contain antioxidant phytochemicals that protect against collagen loss.

Overall, marine algae host numerous health-enhancing benefits that are sometimes absent in animal-sourced collagen. Take a look at these highlighted benefits and how they affect the body: 

  • Marine algae peptides are a complete protein, meaning they host the nine essential amino acids necessary for human health.
  • Marine algae support the creation of new proteins by providing cells with amino acids
  • Marine algae host numerous bioavailable phytochemicals that protect against collagen damage, and reverse and repair any existing collagen damage caused by sun exposure.
  • Marine algae act as a humectant by pulling moisture into the skin or sourcing it from deeper layers of skin to maintain hydration. 
  • Marine algae contain metabolites that act as antioxidants, reducing signs of stress and aging. 
  • Harvesting marine algae doesn’t impact the planet as much as sourcing animal collagen.

Including marine algae in topical products can provide the skin with both active and preventative benefits, countering any current collagen damage and protecting the skin from any future imbalances.

Collagen Support Inside + Out

At Jessica’s Apothecary, we find collagen to be a highly beneficial ingredient for nurturing and improving the condition of the body and skin. A number of our skincare products support the body’s natural production of collagen ensuring a steady supply that helps us age gracefully.

Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream 

Created with the eye’s delicate skin in mind, the Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream improves the appearance of dark circles, soothes puffiness, and reduces signs of aging. The nourishing ingredients add moisture to the tender eye area and smooth out the deep ridges of wrinkles.

Smart Collagen+ Complex

Sustainably sourced, these marine algae peptides boost the elasticity of skin, leaving fewer wrinkles. The minerals and amino acids moisturize leaving the eye area smooth, firm, and glowing.   

Botanical Peptides + Red Algae Extract    

With peptides naturally derived from rice protein, this botanical ingredient stimulates the skin’s collagen production leaving it smooth and supple. The red algae extract is rich in nutrients that reduce the visible markers of aging through the soothing properties of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.

Botanical Hyaluronic Acid (from Beetroot)

The botanical hyaluronic acid locks in moisture for long-lasting hydration. Hyaluronic acid binds water to collagen peptides, securing them in the skin for a radiant, youthful appearance.

Marine Flower Peptide Serum

Marine Flower Peptide Serum

A powerful, easily-absorbed serum that delivers wrinkle-diminishing peptides and botanicals for a brighter glow. With a handful of the same ingredients as the Marine Flower Peptide Cream (above), including the Smart Collagen+ Complex that smooths out the skin’s surface, and botanical peptides and red algae that enhance firmness, this Marine Flower Peptide Serum supports a youthful, dewy complexion. It also includes one powerhouse ingredient:

Blue-Green Algae Extract   

This extract is a wonderful alternative to retinol, supporting increased collagen production and reducing visible wrinkles. Blue-green algae is also rich in antioxidants, providing protection against collagen-reducing factors like sun exposure.

Anima Mundi Collagen Booster: Dirty Rose Chai  

The Anima Mundi Collagen Booster: Dirty Rose Chai is the perfect plant-based, vegan formula for those trying to add collagen support to their daily routine. With a blend of ancient herbs, adaptogens, and grounding, digestive spices, this delicious drink enhances the strength of skin, bones, nails, hair, and tissue and is easily bioavailable. Plus, it tastes amazing!

Anima Mundi Collagen Booster

Silica + Calcium 

The Collagen Booster contains herbs like horsetail and nettle, which naturally increase the body’s own production of collagen. These herbs are also rich in nutrients, like silica and calcium, that act similarly to collagen, strengthening connective tissue and repairing any damage to joints and skin.


Containing powerful adaptogens, like Fo-Ti and Gynostemma, this blend supports the body by balancing the stress response and regulating energy levels. Ongoing stress affects the integrity of skin’s collagen and can disrupt its synthesis, reducing collagen levels in the body. Adaptogens support collagen production and aid the body by regulating the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems and creating a higher resilience to stressful situations.

Because I want you to receive the most supportive, nourishing skincare available, I’m bundling these two Marine Flower Peptide products together and offering them as the Botanical Collagen Collection at a special price

You can purchase this bundle for $181, a savings of $31 on the pair. 

In Closing

With the reduction of collagen over time, the skin’s integrity can weaken and become dry with age. Marine algae peptides can provide invaluable benefits to the body’s collagen supply, enhancing the health of all connective tissue and boosting the radiant appearance of skin.

If you’re interested in providing your skin with the most effective care but don’t know where to start, request a virtual consultation with our botanical skin care specialist, Jessica Flora. 

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