Herbal Soak, Body Scrub, and Aromatherapy Massage

Your restorative day starts with a body scrub. Our massage therapist will exfoliate your whole body (excluding the face and neck) with an herbal raw sugar and rock salt body scrub. Afterwards, we will draw you a warm herbal bath in our luxurious copper tub. You can relax for 30 minutes in candlelight while scrubbing away stress with herbs from our founder’s garden wrapped in an exfoliating sisal pouch. Your warm bath water will be infused with select salts for a blissful experience. After towel drying, our massage therapist will customize your experience to your taste, including the pressure, the type of oil that is applied, and the warmth of the table. The one hour therapeutic massage will integrate Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release (& more!). Not recommended during pregnancy.