Meadowroot Red Clay & Lavender Soap

This lavender-scented face and body bar is a great fit for slightly oily or acne-prone skin that’s also sensitive. Clays bind to impurities and help draw them from the skin, and Moroccan red clay is one of the gentlest clay options.

The olive oil base of this herbal soap is infused with organic calendula blossoms and plantain leaves for 6 weeks to fully withdraw the herbs’ gentle, skin-soothing properties. Mixed with locally-sourced tallow, the soap base is then poured over a bed of homegrown luffa for gentle exfoliation.

INGREDIENTS: Pure olive oil infused with organic calendula (Calendula officinalis)* and plantain (Plantago major)*, distilled water, tallow^, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, Moroccan red clay, and lavender essential oil*.

(Organic*, locally sourced^, homegrown**)